Climate Change 

From London to Cleveleys with Zsuzsanna Ardó

Published: 4th September 2016

Award-winning artist from London, Zsuzsanna Ardó, 

worked with many groups in several locations in the first 

half of August 2016.

The time and the place are both relevant in the context of global warming and its impact on the landscape and our life now and in the near future.

2015 is even hotter than the last record breaking year, and by August 8th we, as humans, have used the earth’s resources for 2016.

The Fylde Coast is vulnerable to coastal erosion, the Lake District is a constellation of glacier lakes sitting in U shaped valleys carved out by Arctic glaciers.

This is the context of local relevance of time and space for Arts Council award-winning artist, Zsuzsanna Ardó’s work here this August. She carried out climate change land installations in many places along the Fylde Coast and the Lake District, including Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Blackpool beaches.

To directly engage the public she worked with groups of children, teenagers and adults in local spaces such as Fleetwood Museum, Fleetwood Market, Blackpool Pier, St Anne’s playground the Ruskin Museum, Wordsworth Museum, the 15th century inn The Red Lion in Hawkshead, and others.

Ardó will include works created in these workshops in her exhibition at University College London in November, as well as installations from Cleveleys. Thus From London to Cleveleys and Cleveleys to London is apt as Ardó will be exhibiting these photos from Cleveleys in the November exhibition in London.

This exhibition in November will also include artwork by artists from six continents that Ardó curated over the past year, and will be featured at an art gallery in the Arctic, Morocco and the BAS research stations in Antarctica. Her Polar self Portrait work is featured in NY in September.

So there you have it. Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Lytham and Blackpool are on the map :)